Gravity GZRO the Gaming coin

Cryptocurrency for game developers and game players

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Cryptocurrency for game developers and game players – Gravity GZRO the Gaming coin

Ever since Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have become one of the hottest prospects in the business world. Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies that benefit from a decentralized system based on blockchain technology. 

The decentralized system allows peer-to-peer trade without any intermediary. This created a completely new financial ecosystem that is tracing the path towards more secure, discrete and unique transactions, ensuring automatic consensus by all user for each transaction. 

The blockchain is a ledger that basically binds a transaction adding blocks to the chain, when a transaction is executed the change of ownership of traded coin is forever secured in the blockchain, all user of that blockchain is aware of the transaction, making it impossible to hack this technology and creating so a secure digital coin.

However, blockchain is not just a super accounting ledger useful to trade digital money, it has the potential to redefine the future and the way businesses operate. 

One thing that is certain, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is an always needed alternative to fiat money.


We want to eliminate fiat money, moving gamers to a better and more secure exchange system using cryptocurrencies.

We have developed the GZRO coins to give to online gamers an alternative to fiat money. Completing this technology will require a lot of development and patience because every revolution takes time. We have the background experience to develop a secure wallet that can be integrated into user’s dashboard where all the transactions will be made by gamers.



Gravity GZRO is a decentralized cryptocurrency developed for online gaming.  

GZRO is taking an important step in further integrating blockchain technology in the gaming industry. GZRO utilizes the blockchain and information technology to create the GAME MARKET of its own.

GZRO GAME MARKET will help both players and game developers to easily and conveniently take full advantage of both recreational and professional aspects that the gaming industry offers. 

GZRO aims to evolve payment systems within games and replace fiat money with GZRO coin making a step towards a cashless future in the gaming realm. 

Every development team member behind GZRO has years of experience in business and information technology, and like many others, we think that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are game changers in our future.


A more technical view of GZRO coin, to understand where we are different and hopefully better than others:


Current Supply = 2 billion
Circulating Supply = 2 billion
Staking/PoS = 21% per year
Total supply= 6.2 billion coin 

Fast transaction time <60 seconds


Gravity GZRO is a standalone coin with his own blockchain, not a token leaning and relying on other famous but disinterested blockchains.

Distributed consensus based on POS (POW was used in first 1000 blocks), so there is no need of expensive mining rigs to earn this coin, staking reward is 21% per year, meaning that the amount you decide to stake will become 21% bigger in a year only by holding it in your wallet program.


You can get your first coins to a stake by buying them in one of the exchanges, or participate in one of the generous airdrop made by GZRO team, and keep an eye out for GZRO bounty program. For updates and more information on GZRO website the website, join GZRO Telegram channel, or Follow GZRO on Twitter at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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